Lara, Antalya Delice Peninsula, Didim


Our primary goal is to provide the best quality service by prioritising guest satisfaction together with our employees. In accordance with this objective, we have adopted the following guidelines.

Legal Requirements
Barut Hotels complies with legal requirements in all its product and service processes as a principle.

Employee Safety and Investing in Human Beings

Our employees are our most valuable assets. Continuous improvements and use of the latest technologies are consistent across all our processes to minimize any risks that could jeopardize the health and safety of our employees and business partners, and to prevent occupational accidents. It is our essential rule to train our employees, to safeguard human rights and to practise non-discriminatory policies.  

Guest Satisfaction – Guest Safety – Guest Orientation

Our guests are always our priority: we consistently follow up on all guest complaints from all sources, resolve those complaints, and transform them into an opportunity to enhance our services and keep our guests informed.

Environmental Respect is a Norm

It is our priority to prevent environmental pollution by using our resources efficiently; to protect nature; to reduce the quantity of our wastes, and to recycle them, and reduce or eliminate any harm they may create.  .

Energy Saving

Barut Hotels undertakes as a duty to use our energy resources efficiently and to improve energy efficiency continuously.

Food Safety – Hygiene

It is our common principle to implement the food safety system throughout the food chain to provide products that comply with the quality food safety principles, to perform continuous improvements, and to give particular importance to hygiene conditions across all our hotels.

Our Investors and Business Partners

We work to provide better service than our competitors at the optimal cost, by determining the expectations and requirements of our investors, while offering our employees and our business partners a peaceful, safe working environment.

Support for Local Economy and Sustainable Procurement Practices

We are aware of our contribution to the local economy; thus, 95% of our suppliers and our raw materials are local. We purchase environment-friendly materials that use less energy and water, and generate less waste, for sustainable tourism. In light of these principles, our hotels, which compete in national and international markets, demonstrate the stability necessary for continuous leadership, resource provision and process enhancement.  

Child Abuse and Harassment

We believe that everyone should bear responsibility for the protection of children. We are aware that the well-being of children and child abuse prevention is crucial, and it is our primary duty to protect all children from physical and mental harassment. In light of these principles, our hotels, which compete in national and international markets, demonstrate the stability necessary for continuous leadership, resource provision and process enhancement.  



We respect the environment and the Earth

To gain respect in our world…

We aim to control

water, electricity, energy, chemical, solid waste quantities;

to minimize damage caused to the environment and natural resources

while making no concessions regarding the comfort of our guests.

The use of natural resources has been reduced with measures taken in line with sustainable tourism principles;

And practices have been updated

to minimize and,

where possible, eliminate any damage to soil, water and air.



Recycled materials are sorted in all our hotels.

We are proud to share our recycling figures.

An average of 5.3 tons of paper waste per hotel was recovered in 2016. As a result of recycling one ton of used paper waste, 16 grown pine trees and 85 square meters of forestland will not be destroyed.

An average of 2.2 tons of glass waste per hotel was recovered in 2016. If this glass waste is used in production, 315 kg of carbon dioxide emissions are prevented for every one ton of newly produced glass.

An average of 1.6 tons of metal waste per hotel was recovered in 2016. As a result of recycling one ton of metal waste, 1,300 kg of raw material is preserved.

An average of 1.5 tons of plastic waste per hotel was recovered during 2016. As a result of recycling one ton of plastic packing waste, energy savings of 14,000 KWH are achieved. Our hotel, Barut Sorgun Sensatori, has the most extensive greywater treatment system of Turkey’s tourism sector…

Water from hand basins and showers in the hotel is collected, purified, and used in garden irrigation with the greywater treatment system established in line with a project by Tubitak and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The capacity of our system is 100 m3/day; therefore, 100,000 litres of grey water are purified per day and can safely be reused. The studies show that an average of 110 litres of grey water per day are produced by each guest.

Solar panels are available in Barut B Suites, Barut Lara, Barut Arum, Barut Hemera, and Barut Sorgun Sensatori, and a portion of the hot water needs are provided from these panels. In this way, we save an average of 5% in natural gas consumption in these hotels.



The summer period relievo (all dimensions of a building), restitution (chronologically documenting the additions according to its original design) and restoration (repair) works began at the Side Nymphaeum (Monumental Fountain). The relievo, restoration, and restitution works in the Monumental Fountain are being carried out with the contribution of General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) and Barut Hotels. The restoration and restitution works at the Nymphaeum, at Side’s entrance, will be ongoing for five years within the framework of the History Comes to Light project. The spectacular Roman architecture will be restored with these works, carried out in three sections. There are nine fountains in the Nymphaeum. These fountains are the symbol of the physical and spiritual cleansing of Side as the city entered its Roman period: visitors to the city could wash their feet at nine different fountains. When this work is completed, the Roman-era city entrance gate and the nine gorgeous fountains will be seen again.

Barut Hotels, which supports the restoration works through their completion, carries the mission of testifying, as a brand, to these monuments, respecting the past and cultural history to bring Side into the global agenda.